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Kim Wilson, LCSW

"I haven't stopped talking about this unique experience with both my clients and friends.  It's something we have all been craving and I can't wait for more opportunities to explore my create side with True."

True offers one-one-one creativity coaching and workshops that are open to all levels of experience.

The fact of your birth, and that you have made it this far in life, is proof of the creative power that flows through you.  Your curiosity about and longing to express it will resource your ability to do so.  It is that simple.

Medicine painting classes and workshops are not simply about learning to paint.  They are an opportunity to go on a medicine journey where paint and canvas are the mediums.  They allow you to dive deep into a healing process in an area of life that is seeking to shift and is that ready to open to greater awareness. 

True's breadth of experience and training as a psychologist, shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher and Intentional Creativity teacher allows her to lead participants through a deep exploration of themselves, guiding them into expanded awareness of their consciousness and wisdom through the oracle of the painting they create.

In addition to painting, you will be guided in meditations and journeys, journaling, and wanders on the landscape.  Sessions may also include yogic movement and as would facilitate your process.

True has taught these workshops to people with no painting experience and to people with formal art training.  No two workshops are the same because True tailors them to facilitate each participant's inquiry, adapting the process moment to moment to meet the shifts in co-creative consciousness.

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