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Explorations in Consciousness


Explorations in Consciousness is an opportunity to go on a medicine journey where paint and canvas are the mediums.  In this workshop, students will explore their creativity, self-expression and inner landscape with the opportunity to bring healing to areas of life that are important to them.

Students will be guided with prompts to take them deeper into their creative and healing process opening into freedom of expression.  They will be supported to make contact with spirit guides and healing ancestors through the painting process, as well as through journaling, journeying and wanders on the land.

The purpose of this workshop is not to create a finished piece in particular but rather to open one's awareness, expand one's consciousness and to receive messaging only possible through the creative-spiritual realm.

True's breadth of experience and training as a healer, yoga teacher and Intentional Creativity teacher allows her to lead participants through a deep exploration of themselves, guiding them into expanded awareness of their consciousness and wisdom through the oracle of the painting they create.


The cost for each workshop is $300, paid in cash.  This includes 3-hours of personalized instruction with a workshop created uniquely for your to facilitate the intention you seek for your workshop.  It also includes all of the materials you will need for painting: paint, canvas, brushes and other tools.  Students provide a journal and pen, their own snacks, and clothes appropriate for painting.

To schedule a workshop for you or for a small group up to three people, please email True at

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