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True offers three different classes: The Lover, The Sage and Vision. 


The Archetype of The Lover


One of the greatest creative expressions we have is the creation of ourselves and our own lives.  

So often people get pulled into living lives that are not authentic to them.  It is so easy to live according to artificial constructs of time that are not in rhythm with one's own body and wellness.  It is so easy to get pulled into multi-tasking and efficiency, care-taking and expectation.  Feelings of guilt and selfishness can arise at the idea of living in the flow of pleasure, creativity, awareness and aliveness.  

The archetype of The Lover invites us back into flow, back into relationship with ourselves, with pleasure, with sensuality and with Life.

But this class is not all about pleasure.  For students of this workshop, exploration of the Lover also opened the fields of body awareness, one's relationship with sexuality, aging, motherhood, creativity, spirituality, religion, food, appetite, life purpose and self-worth.

Ultimately, this workshop is more than a painting class.  It is about making contact with The Lover within, rewriting self-limiting narratives, and creating an image on canvas that reflects one's true being.


The Archetype of The Sage


The archetype of The Sage is a call to claim your inner wisdom. 


The Sage is the one who carries the accumulation of the knowledge you have gathered so far and he/she carries the wisdom of future experiences already held within.  We call on The Sage to connect us with our inner our truth and to support us to have the power to carry that into our lives.  To create The Sage on canvas is to create oneself in his/her own image and to welcome The Sage into your life is to have access to the wisdom The Sage is waiting to share with you.




To have Vision is to be powerfully called into a future of your own creation. 


When we have Vision, our lives become refined as our choices align with calls us forward.  In Vision, the artist explores on canvas the narrative about themselves and their life that has shaped their life thus far.  Through wanders in nature, journaling, and journeying, a rebirth is brought to canvas through which a vision for their newly imagined future emerges. 


Through this process, the artist actively participates in uncovering and recreating the narrative of their life, one that empowers, up-lifts, and connects them to purpose.

Cost: The cost for each course is $540, paid in cash.  This includes 8 hours of personalized instruction.  It also includes all of the materials you will need for painting: paint, canvas, brushes and other tools.  Students provide a journal and pen, their own snacks, and clothes appropriate for painting.

To schedule a class for yourself or for a small group of up to three people, email True at

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