True began her career as Cristin Whiting, PsyD, a clinical psychologist trained in traditional psychoanalytic psychology.  In her mid-30s, the call of the mystical and the desire for aliveness led her into a journey of consciousness through paths of healing from around the world.

In 2021, at 50 years old, Cristin experienced a spontaneous and instinctive urge to paint.  Painting integrated and catalyzed the diverse healing practices gathered across the decades and deeply connected her to her family's lineage of makers.  It was through this process that she received the name, True.

True offers her art as medicine paintings that reflect her quest for aliveness, wholeness and connection: Forgotten aspects of the Self and the Sacred are remembered and transmitted.  New archetypes are offered, and classics are reimagined, as narratives of being are rewritten.

True has been taught and inspired by other intuitive artists, including Shiloh Sophia and Flora Blowley.