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True began her life as Cristin Whiting. 


In 2021, at 50 years old, Cristin experienced a spontaneous and instinctive urge to paint. Painting integrated and catalyzed the diverse healing practices gathered across the decades as a clinical psychologist, shamanic practitioner, and yoga teacher.  It also deeply connected her to her family’s lineage of makers.  It was through this process that she received the name, True.


True creates medicine paintings for personal liberation and care for the earth.  She playfully creates from the place where the mysterious dream world and the lush natural world intersect with the vitality of the body.  Her art is a call to be a keeper of one’s own flame as a source of freedom and healing.

True’s creative inspiration ranges from nature, to the intuitive art of Shiloh Sophia and Flora Bowley, to street art from around the world.


In addition to her career as an artist, True is the founder of Road to Bliss, a wholeness center in Winston-Salem, NC, where she offers healing by integrating her training as a clinical psychologist, shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher and teacher of intuitive creativity.

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